Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Create trusted and actionable insights from your data to fuel your digital transformation initiatives


Data-Driven Digital Transformation Use Cases

customer service
Customer Experience

Achieve customer loyalty and
retention by delivering personalizing
customer experiences

customer service
Marketing Optimization

Create trusted and reliable data to
increase your marketing campaign

customer service
Optimized Data Delivery

Improve your data pipeline through
a seamless integration of data from
disparate data sources

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Improved Analytics

Enable your data scientists with
accurate data to help them produce
actionable insights

Data Driven Digital Transformation Solutions

Data Governance

Data Governance, a key pillar of data-driven digital transformation, enables customers to improve their decision-making by delivering trusted accurate data to targets.

Enterprise Customer 360

Create an enterprise-wide 360-degree view of your customers to deliver personalized and consistent experiences across delivery channels to drive customer loyalty and retention

Big Data Engineering

Ingest, curate, and prepare data from structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from internal and external data sources to drive advanced analytics

BI & Reporting

Business Intelligence & Reporting Create visual and intuitive reports and dashboards to drive accurate decision making across sales, marketing, inventory, financial, commercial, C-Suite and other functions.

Our Featured Services

Strategy & Assessment

Help customers create enterprise wide data adoption strategy. Assess customer current data landscape and suggest phased implementation of data driven digital transformation solutions

Solution Implementation

We deliver data management solutions using SBOTM project management approach developed, which enables customers to achieve business objectives incrementally throughout the project faster and cheaper


Lluminant support Center of Excellence is designed to support your mission critical data solutions throughout the year. Lluminant support model covers L1, L2 and L3 support layers

Managed Services

Lluminant offers multi-tenant, cloud data governance solutions which enable customers to plug and play their source systems to realize their data governance use cases seamlessly


Technology Expertise

Lluminant RightStart+ for Alation

Rated as one of the top metadata management solutions by Gartner Peer Insights 2020, Alation Data Catalog offers a business-friendly metadata management solution to enable users to deliver trusted data across enterprise applications. Lluminant team has 25+ years of combined experience in delivering enterprise data management solutions across verticals. Lluminant RightStart+ thrives on delivering Alation Data Catalog to its customers at 30% faster with 30% less cost

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Lluminant Customer 360+

Lluminant Customer 360+ solution delivers an accurate 360-degree view of customers by ingesting data from structured and semi-structured and unstructured data stored in your data lake. Lluminant Customer360+ is a platform-agnostic solution with prebuilt integration capabilities to major MDM and data lake solutions. Built and delivered using the Lluminant SBO approach, Customer 360+ offers intuitive dashboards to help customers drive customer experiences faster and cheaper

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LLuminant Data Lake+

Lluminant DataLake+ solution uses a mass ingestion framework coupled with the Alation Data Catalog tool to deliver governed data lake and self-service analytics. While the large-scale ingestion framework allows customers to integrate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data into the enterprise data hub, the Alation Data Catalog ensures trusted data is available for analytics. Lluminant DataLake+ is designed for data scientists to help spend more time to generate insights than managing data

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